Why do most men cheat on their loved ones?

Men often practice cheating. On the contrary, it would be unjust to assume that all men cheat. Ladies also cheat on their significant others. Here, we are discussing the masculine phase and let’s stick to them. So this phase doesn’t mean that they have lost feelings for their partners. There are many layers which make a man cheat.

Why do men come as a surprise?

Any man-woman bond is a relationship which is driven by our psychology with its associated feelings. When we are closer to opposite gender, our entire body goes through a series of dynamic vibrations. Unfortunately, these men don’t have their near and dear ones around while working. In such cases also, our body doesn’t cease these vibrations. And what does this lead to? He gets tempted and ends up cheating, in some cases.

Recent studies have confirmed that around 25-75% of men cheat after marriage too. But it’s unfair to say that, all men do. The reasons behind this infidelity are also revealed. The psychological reasons to understand these facts are:

  • Men often cheat, only to save their marriage.

Au contraire to the popular belief, cheating causes more satisfaction and happiness to married men. Based on studies, 57% men gain complete satisfaction from their married lives. Men may cheat as they find it difficult to resolve their relationship issues. They seldom cheat to make the most of their urges and be better assorted around their wives.

  • They could be undisciplined, but they do love their partner

Although it’s a little hard to believe, love and cheating are not associated. You could consider that it falls under discipline. Sexual responses due to the hormonal vibrations have nothing to do with love. It takes a lot of self- control to not see a beautiful colleague or friend when they’re around. Most men cheat as they lack control over their urges in any situation that tempts them.

  • Men cheat due to their sexual activeness

True. Often, the lady ends up being sexually satisfied in a relationship but her partner doesn’t, necessarily. In such cases, men find it alright to go elsewhere to quench their thirst. They might often assume that it’s fine for them to feel the satisfaction as their other half, even if they cheat.

Woman Should Avoid Dating Such Type Of Men.

“If you believe that someday, he will walk up to you and confess all that he has done, then you might as well wait forever,” says Amanda who went through a problematic marriage in the past.

  • Men cheat if their partner is too over-confident of their relationship

One should be prepared to be hurt if the lady is rather over-confident about the relationship. A lady who has too much faith in her husband would never think of living without him. This is often taken for granted and the husband takes advantage of the very fact that his wife won’t leave him.

Lily and Jim were together since childhood. She never imagined a life without him. So much so, that she gained too much confidence in her attachment. This led him to cheat. He realised that she wouldn’t leave even if he cheats. He did get caught but never apologised for it. Lily on the other hand, silently waited for his sorry to forgive him.

“For relationships, pure and beautiful, infidelity is disastrous,” says Lily

How can one identify a cheating man?

Get to know the anatomy of cheating.

He must be too loving and googly-eyed around you. But this doesn’t imply that he couldn’t cheat. His sexual urges might lead to indiscipline, wanting him to cheat.

Don’t keep watching out for signs of misbehaviour

Men can be smart. They would make sure not to leave traces when they cheat. When you get lost looking for signs of misconduct, they pick on it and analyze their strategy so that they don’t blow their secrets.

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What can be done about this?

Just because he cheated, doesn’t mean that he has lost love for you.

No woman can take you place in his life. It might take co-operation and patience to work it out once your man has acted wrongly. Try learning about the anatomy of men cheating and fix the issues with your other half.

Do forgive him, considering the right terms.

If you genuinely love him, you might not want to ruin your life too. Hence, forgive him. He will have to apologize for his acts. You could take up a daily schedule or a fancy hobby with him. So that, you two could be closer again

The change will only come with time, be patient.

He would change, but with timely patience. Your efforts will have to be vital to make everything rosy again.

Keep track of his behaviour and know exactly when you should move on.

If your sincere efforts don’t affect him, just get done with him. You do deserve someone who could appreciate all that you do.

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