Why do varicose veins occur?

Why do varicose veins occur? 1

Dark and swollen veins can take away the confidence of a lady when they wear short dresses. On an average, one in every four American adults goes through this condition. It’s not only a cosmetic problem but is also accompanied by aching, sense of weight, burning, etc. There is bleeding too in extreme cases.

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Veins carry blood from all the organs to the heart. They have valves which let the blood flow in a uni-direction only. When the walls of the vessels become expanded, varicose veins occur. Blood normally accumulates in the veins of the legs which worsens the stretching. Women are more susceptible to the condition as the female hormones, i.e. estrogen and progesterone relax the walls of the veins, increasing the chances.

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With ageing, the risk of having this disease may increase. Having close relatives with the same issue indicates that your chances of getting it is high too. The most common reasons include:

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Obesity is a significant problem in today’s date. Its an epidemic and about one-third of American adults have BMI more than 30. The more weight that falls on the legs, the more this disorder could arise.

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During pregnancy, hormonal fluctuations occur which leads to an increased amount of blood and enlarged uterine. This results in the veins of the legs to dilate.


If your job demands you to stand for quite some time, it could make you a culprit to these dark swollen veins, over the time.

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Sitting way too much could lead to reduced blood flow leading to enlargement of veins in the lower parts of the body.

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Taking too many birth control pills and hormone replacements can elevate the risks of lifting the reproductive hormones. These chemicals dilate the walls of the veins also.


When you sit, look at the position of your legs. The crossing can mar the circulation or flow and increases the risk of the disorder.

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Exercising can strengthen muscles and improvise the flow of blood. Pick a physical activity you like, and do it at least thrice a week.