Would you believe that all these things are actually man-made?

We tend to choose a natural product if we had an option of choosing it over something that is human-made. This goes without having second thoughts. Can we differentiate between the two?


We have created a list of 10 things that most of you guys think of to be completely natural. Some of them are made by man or have been changed by us in small little ways. Can you make a guess? Let’s look.


Only 90% rings you see at weddings are natural; rest are precious stones which are made in labs. Can you differentiate between a real and a fake diamond?

Amazon’s basin

Amazon;’s basin is known for its rich flora and fauna. Is it really that humans have modified “natural”/ A major portion of that area. The so-called Amazonians have made canals, built dams and planted trees too to keep their existence intact and to make their living easier.


 An increased level of air pollution causes the formation of smog. It is injurious to the health of children, senior citizens and people who have heart problems.

The morning glory pool

Reasons why food is always better thane being in love.


Natural pearls are very rare. The majority we find in the market are mostly made by imitation of the process which is carried out in a controlled environment.

Climatic changes

Fly Geyser


Rapid urbanisation has destroyed a lot of natural habitat and a big increment in concrete jungles. Few species, however, did get used to the new conditions and thrived in it. The golden orb weaver is one such species which is reproducing at a higher pace. They thank the larger cities for this.

The colourful rose

Few earthquakes

Which ones shocked you the most? Men indeed make so many natural looking things. What do you think of these? Let us know!

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