You Have A Pure Heart If You Have These Lines Aligning On Your Palm

It is said that our destiny is in our hands, etched in the crisscrossing lines of our palms. Having very light lines on the palms indicates that you have a lot of control on your destiny while having very noticeable & thick lines on the palms denote that the future is expected to go a certain way.

This exciting study of foretelling the future through the lines on the palms is called chirology or palm reading.

Even though your personality is made up of many different layers and each relationship is a different manifestation of your identity, deep down you stay the same person with a consistent way of dealing with things and relationships in your life.  Have a look at the five major lines that influence who you are and your destiny.

  1. Heart Line

The heart line guides the heart affairs of your life, and it goes from the outer edge of your palm to the space between the middle and the index finger of your hand. How both the heart lines of your palms align when put together reveals a lot about your love life.

If you align your palms together and the heart line of the left hand is higher than the heart line of your right hand, it foretells a life that is spent in the quest for true love. An extremely passionate and fiery person, you are intrigued by challenges, and you live for the chase in love.

Possessive about your partner, your strong point is your desire that knows no ends. Your partner will never complain about the lack of passion and chemistry in your love life.

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People who have the heart line of the left hand higher are said to be incredibly gorgeous.

If you align your palms together and the heart line of the right hand is higher than the heart line of your left hand, you are an old soul who is often attracted to the older people, whether it be in friendships or relationships.

You are a born rebel who loves to go against the norms set by the society and follows what your heart says, looking for love in unexpected places and people.

You find individuality extraordinarily alluring and look for people with wildly different traits than you. You are very upfront in your relationship which can sometimes seem very rude.

If the heart lines of your left hand and right hand align together correctly, it shows you have a crystal-clear heart. You are empathetic and thoughtful, and your generous nature is the silver lining among the dark clouds for the people in your life. Your life partner will have no complaints against you as you will make everything work.

  1. The head line

The headline is in the middle of our palm and defines your intellectual abilities. It is said that having a deep headline means that you are an intelligent person who is more analytical than the average person is. Its length shows the different interests you will have in your lifetime. The longer is your headline, the more varied your interests are.

A split in the headline denotes indecisiveness and over-thinking.

  1. The lifeline

The concept of lifeline is evident: the longer it is, the longer you live. A break in the lifeline means that there is a life-threatening situation coming your way.

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There has been a slight confusion about its origins as some palmists think of it that it starts from the palm while some believe that it starts from the wrist itself. In many cases, the lifeline reveals not how long you will live but how fully will you live in your lifetime.

  1. The fate line

The fate line is also called the line of destiny, and it shows how much the events outside of your control will influence your future. If the fate line is deep, it means that uncontrollable events and factors will affect your life more actively. If the line has many breaks, they will take place more frequently.

  1. The Sun Line

Also known as the Apollo line, the sun line influences your luck, fame and wealth. A deep sun line denotes an ample amount of fame and wealth while its length determines how long it will last.

It is also said that the clearer your palm lines are, the calmer your mind is. If there are too many lines crisscrossing on your palm, you have a lot going on your head all the time. A great way to keep track of how your lines change and influence your life is by keeping a photocopy of your hand every year. Analyzing them and your life at those points might reveal some fascinating things for you.


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