Your birthstone could reveal your hidden traits

Your birthstone could reveal your hidden traits 1

The sense of attraction you feel when you look at certain precious stones might not be due to some supernatural or mystic forces! Have you heard of birthstones? They could retain the valuable properties of whoever wears the right stone. If you are a believer, let’s look at some fun facts about your personality through these gems itself.


Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst

Diamond has to be the best one for this zodiac. Victory and strength are what this stone symbolises. The name diamond comes from Adamas (Greek) meaning indestructible. This is a real sign of Aries. The wearer has strength and luck, perseverance and dedication at all times through the stone.



This stone helps Taurus deal with any shortcomings. Taureans love nature and all its earthy colours, and hence they are drawn towards the beautiful green of the emerald. Emeralds help these people with wisdom and with the already present traits of Taurus, they help achieve success and rewards.

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Agate can make a Gemini more peaceful, making them more stable. It helps them to overcome their flaws and smoothen out the ways of life, without marring their unique soul. For the creative-headed, Agate helps you with a sense of direction and doesn’t let you give up. It shall lead you to success.


Pearl, Emerald, Moonstone, Cat’s Eye

One of the most ancient pearls symbolises the moon, which is the ruler of the constellation Cancer. Pearls help develop and improvise the talents of people, by attracting luck and justice at all times. It also protects one from negatives in life.

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Amber, Chrysolite, Topaz

Leo symbolises the sun. These stones are yellow or gold which can magnify beauty and supremacy in walks of life. Amber can bring happiness to only this particular sign.



This stone must be trimmed in silver or platinum (not in gold) so that this stone can work with excellent efficiency. This stone can magnify the attractive qualities of Virgo and empowers their skills.

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Aquamarine, Lapiz Lazuli, Opal, Tourmaline

Libra is known for too many mood swings. Aquamarine helps to stabilise this. This was considered to be the lover’s stone. It used to be given by the groom to his lady as an assurance of fidelity.


Garnet, Aquamarine, Black Opal

Garnet is a magical stone which is semi-precious. It comes in a lot of varieties and colours ranging from red to yellow tinges.The stone can enhance the attraction of its wearer by giving her power over other people.

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Since ancient times, this has to be one of the most beautiful jewels. This stone defines the power of air and water, giving the bearer lot of strength towards obstacles.


Ruby, Onyx Green Malachite

Ruby has a beautiful purple tinge to it. This tone can bring in the happiness to any love affair. Ruby should be presented to the chosen one, for her to reciprocate the love.



Legends say that Amethyst has some magic to it, stating that it could ward off evil and diseases and bring good luck to the one wearing it.

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Aquamarine, Amethyst, Pearl

Aquamarine gives courage to the sign and weakens the shortcomings too. It makes them want to take care of themselves, and not just others. Pearls enhance longevity, happiness and protect them from the wicked eyes, giving them a better direction towards the future.

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