Your eye colour could reveal personality

Your eye colour could reveal personality 1

Aren’t eyes the reflection of our soul? You could tell a lot about someone’s behaviour by just seeing them in their eyes. You could catch their lies; you could sense it if they are flirting with you or if they are ashamed or sad. The eye colour however can decode our personality traits.


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If you have the not-so-common black eyes, you are very much of a night person. You are a book of mystery. You can be trusted and are responsible too. You are very loyal when it comes to relationships. Such people are smart and can be great at keeping secrets.


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A lot of people in the world own brown eyes. Such people are positive and very artsy. This colour is earthy and so are the features of the people who have brown eyes. They are flexible towards the changing environment. They care but are highly practical. They are attractive and confident. However, they fail to express them properly at times.


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Who doesn’t love the beautiful ocean blue eyes? Such people are extroverts and they live their lives to the fullest. You have great stamina and are very peaceful too if you have this eye colour. These set of people are great at observing and can be very attractive too.


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Very few people own green pair of eyes. The earth’s beauty lies in this color. These people are bright and wise. They are curious about a lot of things and they are fascinating humans. They are always full of energy, but too much of this enigma starts to be a flaw. They are the jealous kinds than any other people with varied eye colours.

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Such people are born leaders. They have strong personalities and can be gentle too. They are calm and passionate. They are very rational with life and can be creative-headed too.


The variations to this particular colour are endless. It consists if shades of browns, greens and blues. These eyes depict elegance like no other. You are sensual and mischievous if you have hazel eyes. Emotions play an important role in your life and you can be highly unpredictable too. At the same time, you are very wise.