Your favorite color and your personality

Your favorite color and your personality 1

Do you fancy a colour? What colour dominates your wardrobe? Check it out. We often pick clothes of the colours we love. Some colours look particularly good on you because it probably matches the colour of your eye. A colour can talk about your inner world. You can alter your mood by choosing different colours. Try it out; colours do play a significant role in our thinking.

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Its a colour of youth and tenderness. It is always related to a sweet, calm nature. It is delicate and feminine, and people who love romance adores it. If you want attention and don’t want to feel insecure, were pink.

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It is a bright colour that can draw attention.  It radiates a sense of warmth and happiness. It is a symbol of hope. Yellow is cheerful, funny and optimists love wearing this colour as they aren’t fearful of attention. For increasing metabolism and mental activity, this colour is right. It shall also make sure you have a pleasant mood throughout.

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Purple is liked by the creative minded and people who can dream. It sig irises luxury. Wealth and respectability too. This colour makes you wiser. Proud and independent.

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Red signifies passion, love and aggression. It is the colour of the blood. Putting red can charge your energy but if you are depressed, it will backfire you. You shall be angrier and unlikely to succeed in your tasks.

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Orange picks on creative personalities with good intention. Put on orange if you want a creative flow in your head. It shall bring out the best in you. It also helps organise thoughts and adjusts the moods to focus better.

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Your favorite color and your personality 2