What your feet says about your personality

What your feet says about your personality 1

Our bodies can reveal our personalities well, believe it or not. We aren’t talking about fitness here. Of course, an athletic-looking woman is determined, but the shape of certain body parts which are given to us right from our birth can tell a lot about who we are as people. So let’s talk about who you are by having a closer look at your feet. Take those shoes off and look down. We are going to talk about four types of variants today. Look at the one which you feel is the closest to your feet. So let the hunt begin.

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Square Feet

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If all your toes are of similar length, you have square feet.These people have excellent analysis skills. They are pretty forward with their thoughts and are cautious too. They are practical which helps them reach their goals faster.

Greek feet

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If your toes make a triangle, with the second toe being the longest, then you have Greek feet. You have leadership qualities. You have great ideas on your mind all the time. You can be very inspiring to those around you. Never be afraid of challenges as you are capable of touching the stars.

Roman Feet

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If your first three toes are of similar length, you have roman feet. You are full of charisma. You are highly social which makes you care-free when it comes to solving problems. You know how to keep your social capital updated. Great news!

Your choice will decide who you actually are

Stretched Feet

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If the first toe is longest and the pinkie is the tiniest in a way that your toes make a diagonal, you have stretched feet. You are introverted. It’s difficult to have control over your mood, and you need time to get habituated to those around you.

Did you like knowing a little about yourself by checking your feet out? Did you acquire anything new? Do comment your thoughts below.