Your finger length could say things about you!

Your finger length could say things about you! 1

Given below are three patterns. Identify yours and see what it reveals about you.


People get hooked on you if your ring finger is longer than your index finger. You are highly charming and possess great physical attributes. You could be temperamental at times. You can crack a good puzzle. Outside your professional life, you could be an entirely extroverted personality. These people can take risks and make sound engineers, soldiers and chess players. As compared to those with short ring fingers, these types earn more.


You could pass off a narcissist if your index finger is longer. A confident soul who loves getting attention and loves being the centre of attraction. You adore your privacy and hate being intruded. You are a kind that never wants to step into a relationship or instead initiate it. Men with short ring fingers have a less likely chance of developing prostate cancer and cardiovascular diseases too. Women, however, are prone to breast cancer, but they are a little more fertile than the usual. You are more prone to allergies, hay fever, eczema, etc. in general.


You avoid confrontation if your lengths of ring and index finger match. You hate to be a part of any conflict and instead be left at peace. These people can pull off relationships well as they are caring and compassionate. They make loyal partners.

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