Your personality could be revealed through your sleep position.

Your personality could be revealed through your sleep position. 1
  1. Foetus sleep

A person sleeping to his side, curled with bent knees, generally near enough towards the belly, with arms raised, resting on the pillow. Comforting oneself is the primary attempt of this position. Such people are thick-skinned and tough on the outside, but tender and emotional within.

  1. Log or Side sleep

Lying straight on one side with arms extended downwards is the log sleep position. Such people execute a trusting nature. These people like being a part of the crowd and enjoy social activities.

  1. Yearner’s sleep

Legs bent slightly with head angled off the pillow’s centre. The arms are outstretched as if they are reaching out. Such people are open-hearted but can be mysterious.

  1. Soldier sleep

Such people are quiet, or you could call them reserved. They seem to set a high standard for others as well as themselves. Sleeping on the back leads to snoring often making them more susceptible to sleep apnea. Experts believe that the soldier position is excellent for neck and back health.

  1. The Freefall sleep

Sleeping on the tummy with head turned to one side while your arms embrace the pillow is the freefall position. People who sleep this way are often extroverts but can’t take criticism well. They hate being put in tense situations.

  1. The starfish sleep

This has to be one of the least famous sleep styles. Such sleepers lie on their backs with arms and legs outstretched, looking more like a cactus. Such people are loyal and take friendships seriously. They go out of the way to help those in need.

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