Your personality revealed through your sitting position!

Your personality revealed through your sitting position! 1

Your body language has so much control over your body. Subconsciously, some moves are louder than words. There is an interpretation of every gesture and movement that you see around. You could say what is going on a someone’s mind by the way he moves. The way your partner has expressions or gestures around you could portray his feelings for you. Sitting position is not always about habit. There is much more to it. So let’s look at how our personality and sitting position are linked.

Credit: PixabayCrossed feet

You are down to earth and calm. You could try tasting some fairy-tales once in a while to reveal the romantic side in you. You need to believe in miracles to watch them happen. Life is precious.

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You are rational and are great at handling emotions. You can analyse situations well, and that can sometimes refrain you from having fun.

Crossed ankles

You are very curious by nature and have a timid beautiful soul. People think of you to have a child’s heart. Try this pose the next time you want people to look at you in this way.

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Arms crossed

Arms crossed indicate confidence and strength. You are afraid of letting someone too close in such situations. So don’t be very persistent if a person¬†crosses his or her arms on the chest.

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You are sweet, and people like spending time with you. You get a lot of attention. You wear your heart on your sleeves and end up getting hurt easily. Don’t be vulnerable, a lot.

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