Your pinky finger can tell about your personality

Although the small finger is small, it could reveal so much about you!

The size of our tiny finger varies, why is that? If it intends to indicate nothing, why do all of us have different sizes? The study of palm helps to know different kinds of people. You can obviously choose to have faith in it or not, but your pinky finger is going to talk volumes about you.





If your little finger is aligned with the first line of the ring finger, you belong to type 1. Your personality revolves around balance. You love peace and order at all times. You love being organised and like it when things are all in place. You keep away from chaos, and the only thing that can shake you is an imbalance in life.

When it comes to emotion, love or intelligence, you have a right balance. You are calm, and your moves are based on clear thinking an understanding considering all points. Before jumping to conclusions, you are someone who has already understood quite a few things. Your glamorous personality is a result of your core understanding of your persona, and this makes you stand out!



You belong to the second type if the little finger is just a little bit smaller than the ring finger. There is more than what meets the eyes of such kind of people. They are emotional and highly sensitive. They go beyond their limits to help someone in need, and also trust someone, entirely without looking it through. This also becomes a weak point as it ends up hurting them if the person ahead of them does something they didn’t expect.

Your spirit animal based on your zodiac sign.

 You tend to be an empath, and your nature allows you to accept and understand people by looking at the world through their eyes. This makes you a beautiful soul, and hence people want to speak to you more often. There arent many who can give out so much warmth, the world needs more people like you.



If the tiny finger reaches a little above the first line of the ring finger, you belong to this third category. You always give in more than what is expected out of you. Be it love-life or profession, you give more than what you have, and this makes you unique. You are generous and unconditional when it comes to love.

You could hide a secret well, and you know how to be tactful. You cant be swayed by people, and one thing that you firmly believe is in justice and fairness. You need kind words and love in return too, although you don’t ask before showering some. You will often be in the company of those you love you for you, no matter what. is all about women. You can join our group on Facebook Don't forget to bookmark our site to read new articles daily and Continue reading on next page

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